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Aspirations Media is a family owned, Independent publishing company, established July 2005. We are currently located in Spring Lake Park, a northern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our intent is to establish a successful publishing company based on integrity and moral values and to provide an opportunity for unpublished authors and creative individuals of quality work, to have their material published and be successful.

The mission of the Aspirations Media, Inc. is to produce uplifting, morally sound comic books, graphic novels, and novels for all age groups, especially the impressionable preteen and teenagers in the world. Ultimately, in the publishing process and products, Aspirations Media provides, we would allow ourselves to be a tool in God’s hand touching lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ and glorifying God.

Are you a POD/Vanity Press?
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What makes Aspirations Media different than other publishers?

Do I need an agent to publish through your company?
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Are all your published books first run only or do you also publish reprints?
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Since you are a Christian based publisher, do you publish only Christian books?