A top scientist has harnessed a strange natural phenomenon into a weapon that unleashes its destruction seemingly out of thin air. Hidden in an innocent shell, the device is now in the hands of one of the most dangerous men in the world, a shadowy figure with a ruthless scheme who desires this particular weapon for two reasons: it acts in complete silence, with vividly gruesome results….

Tom Connor can’t wait to begin his two-week vacation in the mountains after a hectic year of college. A chance encounter with a beautiful girl shatters Tom’s plans, plunging him into the heart of a secret project and a battle of wits against a sinister assassin. Marked for elimination and dodging increasingly deadly attacks, Tom uncovers a plot to devastate his country and change the global balance of power forever. But, trapped in a dark world of which he has no experience, without allies and moving increasingly outside the bounds of the law, Tom finds himself on the run from the forces of good and evil alike as he struggles to outmaneuver a cunning enemy who has nothing to lose, and the world to gain….


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"Snapshot is a thrilling novel... A hair-raising read, pure excitement from first page to last."

-Midwest Book Review