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Mr. Lee Corrie is the publisher and president of Aspirations Media.  He runs the day to day operations of the company and handles the business end of things. Any inquiries or messages pertaining to these matters should be sent to him (publisher (at) aspirationsmediainc (dot) com).  He is also the person to contact with any questions about rights related to AMI’s various titles.


You should only contact the Submissions Editor (submissionseditor (at) aspirationsmediainc (dot) com) if you have any trouble in sending your submission to us. Please do not send any submissions to the Submissions Editor. If any submissions are sent, they will be discarded and no reply will be given. All submissions should be submitted via the method laid out on the Submissions Page.


Should you be a member of the media and wish to contact Aspirations Media you can send an email to the media liaison (news (at)aspirationsmediainc (dot) com) for all interviews, stories, and any other media exposure that might be desired.